I often get asked whether I would sell supplies for doll making. Even though I´d love to provide my customers with a nice range of craft materials too, I simply don´t have the time to pack kits (except for my students) or the space to store huge amounts of woolbatting or cotton interlock. For that reason I have put together this little list with links to craft suppliers and fabric stores - I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Thank you!

Myriad  Natural Toys & Crafts
Richard and Victoria offer a wide range of craft supplies for doll making.
Excellent cotton stockinette and wool felt (which I use for Kiki´s hair),
wool stuffing and a lot of other material you need for doll making.

Kamrin offers not only dolls but a wide range of products for doll making such as Dolly Mo mohair yarn, doll tricot, embroidery floss, yarn, wool stuffing and craft books.

Based in the UK, Debbie offers doll kits and patterns, doll making supplies (such as wonderful doll mohair), accessories and doll making tools.

A good source for doll makers and yarn lovers.


Instead of special doll making crafting thread, I use waxed dental floss. Inexpensive and easy to get. Try different brands - mine is Perlodent from Rossmann (Germany).

For long-lasting seams I recommend Nylbond (Coats), a closed bonded and waxed yarn of industrial grade that is both strong and elastic. I always use a straight stitch and even though I double stitch all seams for safety reasons, it isn´t necessary, Nylbond is extremely tear-resistant.

Instead of thin tubular gauze, I use sturdy cotton tubular bandage (Cottonelast by Holthaus Medical). Ask at your pharmacy or at a medical store. 

For rosy cheeks I use Stockmar wax crayons.

Else I use much love and imagination for my dolls. Usually you can´t buy that, it comes from within ;-) 


Organic fabrics

A shop in Berlin with lots of organic and fairtrade fabrics
and haberdashery, located close to U-Eberswalderstr. in Prenzlauer Berg

A lovely shop in Berlin at Kollwitzstraße, close to U-Senefelder Platz, Prenzlauer Berg,
specialized in paper/textile design with a wide range of Westfalen fabrics (and others).

 Frau Tulpe
Fabric store in Berlin Mitte, close to Zionskirchplatz/ Weinbergspark
Wide range of standard fabrics and a nice selection of GOTS certified/ fairtrade fabrics.