Every of my dolls is one of a kind, especially made for you. I work mainly on a custom order basis. Whenever I create a product for Fröken Skicklig, I remember what I myself would have loved as a child. The softness and warmth, tiny details, the summery scent of lavender.

Being a puppeteer by profession, I use to work on stage with calling material into being, using my fantasy and the imagination of the spectators. When I create a character made of fabric and wool, I need a storyline for myself, as a vehicle for my fingers, for needle and thread and as an essential condition for letting a character arise. This is the reason why the personal dialogue between my customers and me gets a lot of focus while I am working. Awaking a little person with its very own story out of some fabric and some wool is what characterizes my personal style and what makes Fröken Skicklig Dolls special and unique. 

How can I order a custom doll?
My classic cloth dolls are only available on a custom order basis, except from Kiki in the Meadow Dolls which I put every now and then in my webshop as a ready-to-go doll for your child.
I make 1-2 classic cloth dolls (20"/ 23") at a maximum per month, often even less because each doll takes me several days to finish. Due to the very small number of dolls per year, I choose my customers wisely. A personal and inspiring dialogue with each of my customers is important to me and I enjoy the creative journey I take together with the families I am working for. Their stories and their personal motives to give one of my dolls a new loving home is what nourishes my fantasy. If you are interested in a custom doll, you are welcome to contact me at orders ( at ) Please add a little info about yourself and why you think a Fröken Skicklig doll would be the perfect match for your child or yourself. 

Dolls for children

Classic Style dolls with mohair wigs and embroidered faces:
60cm/ 23" doll incl. garments | 550€
50cm/ 20" doll incl. garments | 400€ 

each clothes set includes undies, shoes, leggings and a dress (or two pieces such as a blouse and a skirt). Additional clothes can be made upon request

Baby doll (50cm/ 20" ) incl. garments | 400€ 
clothes set includes nappies, nappy cover, trousers, shirt, shoes, hat
Kiki in the Meadow dolls with wool felt wig and bead eyes 

33cm/ 13" incl. undies, shoes, leggings, dress | 350€
Little Mi/ Little Mo Hot Water Bottle and Doll Set
| 135€

Products for adult toy collectors

Get well Soon! Set | 140€

All exclusive shipping costs, prices for other items on demand.

Prices are subject to change without notice (last updated 1st of December 2013)

What kinds of material do you use for your dolls?

Each Fröken Skicklig Doll is made of cotton interlock and stuffed with organic sheep wool, has an embroidered face and a wig crocheted of soft mohair yarn. To meet high product safety standards, I work with natural material of high quality only, such as wool, silk and cotton, preferrably GOTS certified. All fabrics are pre-washed.
All my doll´s seams are sewn at least twice with sturdy nylbond that meets industrial requirements.
Who makes the doll bodies, clothes and wigs? Do you have employees?

Even though I´d love to have little fairies doing some magic in my studio while I am asleep, I have no employees or people working for me. Every part of a Fröken Skicklig doll is made by me. I stuff each of my doll bodies, I crochet every wig, all the clothes are made by me and entirely based on my own design and patterns. This might also explain the small number of dolls I make every month - the day only has 24 hours. I do get help sometimes when filming tutorial videos for my classes, with some proof-reading or photo editing when I am very busy.

Care instructions for cloth dolls:
Fröken Skicklig dolls can be washed by hand in luke-warm water with wool/ silk detergents.
Please do not use tumbler or washing machine. Do not wring out or rub your doll while washing, but let it soak in and rinse gently. Wrapped in a towel and close to a heating your doll will need about three days to get dry again. Smaller stains can easily be removed with a damp cloth.   

Traces of time and traces of play are natural. The hair will look a bit tousled and you might see a few stains here. Chocolate mouths and curious little fingers leave traces, and that is the nature of joyful play. A loved doll will always look like a loved doll, so take these traces as a beautiful gift and as a proof for lovely memories.     

Every of my dolls comes with a little care kit, containing a piece of beeswax crayon and a soft cloth for rosy cheeks, with sturdy nylbond sewing thread and matching embroidery floss. Like any other toy, a handmade doll needs to be checked by you from time to time for safety reasons.