Saturday, 9 February 2013

Winter flu? We´ll fix that!

 Dear reader,

Those of you who are waiting for Get Well Soon! doctor sets for dolls on my blog, here comes a little update. Two years ago, these sets were especially designed for my loyal adult customers. Many of them own a Little Mi doll and would have liked to complete their collection with a miniature hot-water bottle and doll set for decoration purpose. I will be offering a very few Get Well Soon! custom spots to adult Fröken Skicklig doll collectors upon request only.  These sets contain small parts and vintage items and are not intended to be played with/ suitable for children. If you are an adult toy collector and interested in such a set, please send an email to orders [at]

If you would like to purchase a doll for your child, please visit my webshop tomorrow, two Little Mi sets will be waiting on the virtual shelves.

I wish you a sunny weekend - without running nose and a feverish forehead. Take care!

Size comparison: a miniature hot-water bottle and doll set to the left, a Little Mi set to the right ;-)