Sunday, 10 February 2013

Window Snowflakes and Newsletter

Snip, snap, says Kiki
And in a twinkling
Another snowflake
Is finished
Don't you ever get tired
Of all those snowflakes?
I ask, gently (of course)
And, I admit, quite eagerly
Pish posh, says Kiki
While the pile of paper scraps 
Is growing on the floor
Like snowdrifts in the fields
Well then... I say
Time for dinner. Must go. 
But no answer, all I hear is 
Snip, snap

Smultron Cottage, Kiki´s cozy home, with the snowy fields behind - and lots of tissue paper stars in the windows
While Kiki has been cutting lots of tissue paper snowflakes for the windows of Smultron Cottage, I have been typing the newsletter (you can read it here, including a little DIY). 

If you haven´t signed up yet for those wee notes that I send from time to time with my virtual messenger pigeons across snowy fields or flowery meadows, add your email address to the mailing list (→ subscribe field in the sidebar of this blog).