Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Take A Cup!

Dear reader,

There are days like today, where I wish I had huge stocks of giggle tea in the pantry.
There are days like today, where I would definately need more than just one cup...
When I opened the door to my little studio this morning, pestilential vapours welcomed me.
Like old rubber boots. To be more correct - like a dead mouse in old rubber boots.

We tried to locate where that malodour came from, and it is certainly a dead mouse somewhere behind wooden wainscotings of the ceiling. Guess who was hysterically moving out everything within a few seconds, still in her nightgown!

Fortunately, I store everything in boxes, so yarn and fabrics are safe. But no way I could work in there! The guy from the local pest control tried to calm me down. One week, he said, and the smell will be gone in the room. A 130 years old cottage has certainly more than just one dead mouse behind wooden panels and wainscotings, he said. Open the window and put vinegar in bowls. 
(Well, thanks for the encouragement!)

Some people think that working in crammed living rooms is cozy, especially with a crackling fireplace. Especially with lots of boxes with pretty yarns and fabrics. 

I count my bruises. 
I try to calm myself. 
One week and the smell will be gone in my workspace. 
We are moving house very soon anyway. To a place that is more than 170 years old. 
Which makes an age difference of 40 years and probably a few more mummified mice, frogs and other creatures to deal with...

I am going to have a cup of giggle tea now. And then another, probably. If I can make it to the kitchen through the floor-to-ceiling high stacks of boxes ;-)