Wednesday, 20 February 2013

All Those Small Things

Dear reader,

I love to find things rather than to have things. I love the tingling feeling of excitement when I have spent half an hour at a thrift store and then, just when I am about to leave, I find a teeny tiny something.

I am preparing for a bigger project (some of you have been knowing about it for quite some time, others have an inkling of it, I am sure). For this project I have been keeping my eyes open quite a lot. Usually I do not buy new things, instead I found small dishes, vintage doilies, doll candles, basket at flea markets and charity shops.
I know that most people think that doll makers usually hoard a lot of stuff (not only dolls). My fabric stash fits in two boxes, I have a chest of drawers for ribbons, buttons and the like, and I am quite good at only buying new supplies if I really need something. With craft books, vintage wallpaper on rolls, with several sewing machine and boxes with wool batts for dolls, I do dream of a larger workspace though. A creative mind can never have enough space...

Fortunately, most of my projects require rather small things. For Kiki´s Smultron Cottage, I store everything in boxes. Like in a props storage room, I like to sort those things, baskets here, all the different bed linen there, one box for kitchen things, another one for her Christmas decorations. 
All these props are neatly sorted and labelled to make it easier to work with. For those of you who were wondering, I do not have a fully equipped oversized cottage standing around, I put it up when I work, equip and decorate it, just like I would if I was working in theatre.  
For you who worry that I pay the thrift stores a visit far too often (because I mention it every now and then), I do not always buy something. Like that tingling feeling when I find something, I love to watch others who find something pretty. The other day, three ladies rejoiced at vintage lace collars at the charity shop. I would have liked to take them home (the lace collars, notabene, not the ladies ;-) but oh! how I love the feeling when someone else is the lucky finder and I am happy for them! 



P.S. Funny enough, when I looked up the English term for props storage room for this post, from thousands of theatres the English Wikipedia had chosen a photo of the props storage room at Nationaltheatre in Mannheim, Germany. I have been working there as an actress and puppeteer in 2005/ 2006 and did the puppet design for a large Christmas performance, I know these rooms very well ;-)