Sunday, 20 January 2013

Little Mi hot-water bottle sets

For winter evenings and chilly spring days
For hurting tummies and for cold feet...
I have put a few Little Mi hot-water bottles on my virtual shop shelves, 
with some help this time (because I am battling with a flu here and taking and editing photos is not exactly what I am up to at the moment. But better to start the new year with a flu than to get bitten a bug in Spring ;-)

I haven´t managed to write the English description either, but the constant reader of this blog is familiar with these sets anyway, I think.
Best remedy for a heavy cold: 
a hot-water bottle, lots of tea with lemon and ginger, wintersun and a purring cat...

And you? Can you sense the first signs of Spring already? Still a few weeks to go, but -



Update: All Little Mi sets got sold in the blink of an eye. Thank you. 
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