Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Four new dolls on the virtual shelves...

Dear readers,

I have added four Kiki in the Meadow dolls today to my webshop.
Update: All four dolls have found a new home, thank you!

 As some of you know, new law consumer protection rules ("Button-Lösung") came into force 1st of August in Germany, you can read here more about it. While this certainly is of great help for customers, it is quite difficult for sellers to handle technically.

I am using Bigcartel as a shop window for the time being due to new law consumer protection rules in Germany. To not infringe any law, I will have to change quite a few things for my webshop first due to a large customer base in Germany.
If you would like to purchase an item, you are welcome to send an email to orders@frokenskicklig.com to reserve a product in the webshop. I will then get in touch with you regarding billing information, shipping options etc and send you an invoice. Please note that a purchase agreement comes into force first after you have received and paid the invoice. Emailing me for reservation does not commit to purchase.

If there is more than one person being interested in one of these dolls, I will draw the lucky one today or tomorrow who then will be able to purchase the item.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I am sure we´ll manage it that way until there is a better solution. Have fun window shopping! 



Oh my! 
A whole basket with cherries
Is what Kiki has for lunch today
Wait and see, I say
Your tummy will be quite upset
Pish-posh, says Kiki
And takes another cherry

This pretty little set contains a Kiki in the Meadow doll with undies, soft mohair shoes, leggings, a dress and a nightgown. Kiki comes with a basket with cherries and a pillow filled with - you guess it - cherrypits because of course her tummy did hurt in the night. 

Did I ever told you that Kiki´s hair 
Is braided like the cinnamon buns
Grandfather uses to bake
On tuesdays, sometimes on sundays?
But today it is Kiki who is baking
In her little dotted apron
Behind grandfather´s cottage
Under the blackthorn bush

A Kiki in the Meadow set for everyone who loves to eat cinnamon buns! This doll comes with undies, soft mohair shoes, a pretty dress, a pinafore, three little baking forms and a tin bowl, two cinnamon buns and a jar with flour plus a little tea towel for floury hands.

On sundays Kiki uses to
Take a walk through the meadows 
Across the fields, along the path
Through the woods and back home
She always brings
Her little backpack 
With lots of snailshells and pebbles
Pine cones and branchlets 

This beautiful set contains a Kiki in the Meadow doll with undies, soft mohair shoes, a batiste blouse, dungarees, a kerchief, a mohair scarf and a backpack for all those treasures Kiki finds in the meadows and fields.
On sunny wednesdays, Kiki love
To bring three cinnamon buns
And her picnic blanket
Down the meadow 
To the sunniest spot
She can sit there for hours
Watching the clouds and the birds
Sometimes she feeds them
With cake crumbs
(the birds, not the clouds)

A sunny set for late August days. This Kiki in the Meadow doll comes with undies, soft mohair shoes, leggings, a dress, a kerchief and a bolero cardigan. Additional she brings her woolen picnic blanket and - of course - a cinnamon bun. She does share the crumbs with the birds, just for the records.


Each of these Kiki in the Meadow sets comes in a tote bag, with a lavender sachet and a sewing & care kit with blusher (a soft cloth and beeswax crayon), extra beads and sewing thread.
Shipping options: Track and trace/ insurance. EU-countries, Switzerland and Norway 12€, everywhere else 24€

As an additional note (because the question came up several times) - except from the tiny basket, the vintage baking forms and the mini jar, everything else - garments and acessories and the doll itself - is entirely made by me. Kiki in the Meadow is a small product series that gives me the opportunity to work on one character (Kiki) yet with each a different look.

Update: All four dolls have found a new home, thank you! 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Evening Walk

A tiny backpack
And a warm scarf
An evening walk
In late August
As promised, I will list four Kiki in the Meadow dolls in the webshop tomorrow and I am sure these girls will find a warm and loving new home. This one comes in woolen dungarees, with a warm scarf, a batiste blouse, undies, mohair shoes, a gingham kerchief and a backpack to carry all those apples, snailshells and pebble stones on her way through fields and meadows.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Colour Studies

Doll shoes and a soft rosé. 
A golden yellow of camomile and tansy
A soft grey, like faded wood
Mixed with the vibrant red of currants, poppy and pelargonium
A soft sage green mixed with rosa and purple
of lavender and pinks

You would be surprised how few boxes I have with ribbons and  yarn and fabrics. I love everything I have in those boxes, I love working with it, I love finding new ribbons, yarns and fabrics, but I am not so much of a hoarder. Too much material distracts me.

My biggest inspiration are the wonderful colour combinations that nature puts together in the garden, the meadows and fields. As today, I often put together a few fabric remnants, flowers, pebbles and leaves to do colour studies for doll clothes.

Apart from three custom dolls, I am also finishing a few Kiki in the Meadow dolls for the webshop. I use only mohair yarns for their shoes and scarfs (I love that soft look) and it is such a pleasure to find matching colours for all the garments. I can´t tell which one is my favourite this time. Late summer´s colours are simply beautiful...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dear Hélène

Dear Hélène,

every year in mid August, when I start to feel a bit sentimental about summer fading day by day, 
I am thinking of you.  

I am thinking of all the pages you filled with summery scents and flowery colours, with the clittering of crickets and a warm August breeze.
I also wonder how my book would look like (if I had one with lots of empty pages) 
and how I would describe late summer at its best.
There is not much to add to your notes,
you described your summers perfectly,
almost 130 years ago
Between two scuffed covers of a little album
you gathered the most beautiful memories of late Augusts in St. Gervais.
Of flowery meadows and cottage gardens, 
of the park behind the old château, of mountain pastures.
 Sweet summer memories of your very first ball 
and of the bouquet your friend gave you on your 18th birthday
I would have loved to join you on your long wanderings through meadows and fields, 
across all those mountain streamlets where you picked wild water mint and forget-me-not.
And I would have asked you if you too were feeling a bit
sentimental as summer was fading a little day by day.

I found this little album, filled with the sweetest summer memories, buried under a lot of dusty old books, in an antiquarian bookshop in Leipzig, Germany, a few years ago. 

Every year since then I have been wanting to to keep a few scents and colours and sounds of my summery days between two lids of a book. Every summer, mid August, I think of Hélène, who gathered all those flowers and wrote down so many lines, almost 130 years ago. 

Every year, mid August, I also think of Eduard who wrote one single entry, the very last one, in Hélène´s book in 1906.
She hadn´t written anything in her book for sixteen long years.
I wonder who he was, Eduard, and why he wrote that very last greeting.
Hélène wouldn´t tell.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

A new door will open soon

Dear readers,

the August newsletter has been sent - you can read here a little more about the new door that will open soon for Fröken Skicklig (and find a recipe for Kiki´s blueberry pancakes)

If you´d like to sign up for the mailing list, please take a look to the right/ side bar and add your email address. The newsletter is being sent out about every second month, unsubscribing is as easy as signing up for the list...

Sending you a warm August breeze,

Kiki enjoys the sun on her new porch...
Menthe and wood strawberries on the stairs
The perfect spot for an afternoon read...
...or for knitting
Or for eating fifteen blueberry pancakes...
(but before you can eat those pancakes on your porch, you´ll have to pick blueberries. Mind ticks and mosquitos!)
[just one of the things I have been working on while it was quiet here on my blog]