Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dance like a Snowflake

Dear reader,

I spent yesterday evening with lots of tulle and Tchaikovsky´s Nutcracker while a snowstorm was blowing across the fields. This ballet is one of the earliest music memories I have, I must have been two years or so when I listened to Tchaikovsky´s it the very first time together with my grandmother.

As an eight-year old I got the prettiest little book,  The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E. T. A. Hoffmann on which the ballet is based. Oh, how I loved this story, the old-fashioned language and the wonderful illustrations! One day a friend of my mother gave us children each a tiny nutcracker. Mine was green and I made sure I had him close to my bed every night that Christmas time, so much hoping I could follow Marie (in the book, her name is Clara in the ballet) on her adventures. One night I woke up by the sound of a mouse - and how disappointed I was when I saw that it wasn´t the Mouse King but a poor little scared house mouse that was on a chocolate hunt!
I have finished a custom doll (the last one for this year) based on The Nutcracker, and while I was doing the last stitches, I decided to make four extra  ballet sets for the webshop. These sets contain a short-sleeve leotard, warmup leggings and a delicate tutu and will fit a 45-50cm Fröken Skicklig doll (and probably other cloth dolls that size, please compare the measurements given in the product description). 

All garments are thoroughly made with a lot attention to detail and can be found in my webshop, for English visitors, please click here, German visitors can find my shop here.
According to the Swedish Mail Service, all orders for EU-customers shipped by the 17th of December latest, will make it to your doorstep just in time for Christmas. If you live outside Europe, your order has to be sent latest the 7th of December (no guarantee, it is the Swedish Mail Service guidelines for Christmas mail). I will add a few doll clothes, hot-water bottles and maybe a Kiki doll or two in the coming week, there are more occasions for nice gifts than just Christmas...

I hope you have lots of snowflakes - we have plenty of them, if anyone wants me to add a few to their orders, drop me a line ;-)



Update: All four sets have found new homes. Thank you!

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