Monday, 19 November 2012

November Rain

Dibble-dibble-dopp-dopp sings the November rain
Dances outside on our window sill
I put on my rain coat and my bonnet
Hello, November!
Plipp-plipp-plipp says the November rain
Jumps on the soft green moss
Splash-splash-splash says the November rain
Trickles on the shiny-wet leaves
Pitter-patter-pitter-patter, says the November rain
Knocks on the mouse´s door
(Who lives under the old weathered barn)
Plop-plop-ploppeliplopp, says the November rain
Tickles three rose hips from the bush
Tap-tappa-tapp-tapp says the November rain
I find a red apple in the wet grass
Dot-a-dot-dot-dot says the November rain
Very slowly. And the sun comes out
Plink-plink-plink says the November rain
And looks like thousands of sparkling diamonds
Not grey at all

Why didn´t you put on your wellies, little girl? I say to myself
Now your feet are sogging wet
I snuggle under a warm woollen blanket by the fireside
Dibble-dibble-dopp-dopp says the tea pot
One of the custom dolls I made this autumn. This 50cm doll has travelled to Belgium. Her new mommy loves wellies and tea. Wellies are quite hard to sew, if you ask me, but I couldn´t stand the thought of buying her plastic rubber boots at a toy shop. 

Instead I made this custom doll a rain coat with matching bonnet from the finest English oil cloth. Perfect for November rain and for April weather ;-)

I was happy that I had just enough oil cloth left to make a second rain coat set for a 45cm-50cm/ 18"-20" cloth doll which can be found in my new webshop on Dawanda.

Enjoy the November rain!


P.S. As usual, I received several emails regarding the hair colour. It is DollyMo Mohair auburn. I really like this colour, it looks like a natural red-head.

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