Friday, 23 November 2012

How to catch Sunbeams

One of the custom dolls I made this year - I still have lots of unedited photos waiting to be posted.
This was a doll boy I made in Juli.

 (for Felicia)
Little boy, what have you done today?

I went down the path, across the meadow
Through the little wood and up the hill
Where juniper grows and heather
Where the slow-worms bask on lichened stones
Where the cows gaze in the afternoon light
That is where I went
 And what have you done there, little boy?

I tried to catch sparkling sunbeams
To bring them home for the dark winter days
Those sunbeams that you find
On summery pastures in July 
But when I tried to catch them in my paper bag
They simply escaped
So I sat quiet and waited
On the pasture, in the sun
And carefully opened 
The lid of my milk bottle
 But when I tried to close the lid again
The sun beams slipped out the bottle
 I waited a little, then I opened my bag
And hung it into the juniper tree
And closed it very quickly.
Yet no luck! Again they escaped!
Grandmother, do tell me
How can I catch those sparkling sunbeams?

Little boy, you can catch them
Yet not in paper or empty bottles or your satchel
Those rays of sunshine are fragile
And not everyone knows how to keep them for dark winter days
But you, little boy, you know how to bring them home.
When you talk about  the pastures
About juniper and heather
About the slow-worms that bask on lichened stones
About the cows that gaze in the afternoon light
There is a sparkle in your eyes
And what I clearly can see
Are all those sunbeams
Brought home for wintry days

This doll was a very special custom order in remembrance of a very sunny and joyful person that always will have a very bright place in someone´s heart. 

I love this personal part of my work, to listen to someone´s history, to let someone share memories with me, to make a doll especially meant for this person. Felicia´s doll boy is 60cm/ 24" tall and travelled with shirt, shoes, undies, handkerchief, dungarees and a pyjama to his new home far, far away on the other side of the globe.

Have a sunny weekend!



 P.S. For those who usually email me to know the material/ colour of the hair - it is mohair yarn, crocheted as a wig, brushed out and then shortened as a boy´s hair cut, the colour is dark brown/ Dolly Mo Mohair.