Monday, 10 September 2012

Devon Dialect

Dear reader,

I am currently in the south of England where I drink lots of tea, eat fish and chips, explore the surroundings of Newton Abbot, lace my boots for a Dartmoor tour and can´t stop myself from looking into every thrift store that we pass. I am also working hard on a Devon dialect, just for the records.

I spent an inspiring doll making weekend with my students here in Newton Abbot and have a lot of photos to edit. The three images below were the only ones I was able to take during the class. Typical me, but I guess it is much wise to put focus on the students rather than on pretty behind-the-scenes shots.
lavender sachets and pre-sewn body parts for the dolls...
fresh flowers on the table...
One of my student´s beautiful vintage box for crochet hooks.
It was a great weekend in Newton Abbot, my students went each home with a beautiful doll and I am looking forward to sharing the result photos with you very soon...

Have a sunny monday everyone!