Friday, 17 August 2012

Colour Studies

Doll shoes and a soft rosé. 
A golden yellow of camomile and tansy
A soft grey, like faded wood
Mixed with the vibrant red of currants, poppy and pelargonium
A soft sage green mixed with rosa and purple
of lavender and pinks

You would be surprised how few boxes I have with ribbons and  yarn and fabrics. I love everything I have in those boxes, I love working with it, I love finding new ribbons, yarns and fabrics, but I am not so much of a hoarder. Too much material distracts me.

My biggest inspiration are the wonderful colour combinations that nature puts together in the garden, the meadows and fields. As today, I often put together a few fabric remnants, flowers, pebbles and leaves to do colour studies for doll clothes.

Apart from three custom dolls, I am also finishing a few Kiki in the Meadow dolls for the webshop. I use only mohair yarns for their shoes and scarfs (I love that soft look) and it is such a pleasure to find matching colours for all the garments. I can´t tell which one is my favourite this time. Late summer´s colours are simply beautiful...