Monday, 23 July 2012

Weekend Course Results and upcoming Doll Making Class in the UK

Dear reader,

(For infos on the upcoming doll making class in Newton Abbot, UK, please scroll down)

I can´t tell you how happy the photos of these seven girls and two boys make me! 
Each of these dolls (45cm/ 18" tall) was made in last weekend´s doll making class in Heidelberg, Germany.
 None of my students had ever made a doll before - as their teacher I feel terribly proud that all participants went home each with a beautiful result, that each of them was patiently sewing, crocheting, stuffing, chatting, laughing and embroidering and gathered lots of new knowledge and skills.

As their instructor, it is so important to me that all of us find a few calm moments after a really stressy weekend, after more than 11 hours of hard work each day, to take pictures. As you may guess from these images, the photo theme of my students in Heidelberg was butterflies. All of them brought pretty dresses, props such as tiny butterfly books, accessories with butterflies (even a butterfly net) and worte down each a few butterfly lines...

Thank you so much, Dorothea, Evelyn, Jana, Julia, Kathrin, Karin, Kristina, Laura, Lea and Sandra for a fantastic weekend!
Kristina´s doll
Let´s catch butterflies!
Lea´s doll (named Clara)
She loves watching butterflies from afar.
Sandra´s doll
My butterflies tell me the most beautiful stories
 Julia´s doll
I love to watch butterflies as they happily dance from flower to flower. 
Jana´s doll
I love it when all those butterflies sniff my roses.
Laura´s doll
I would love to dance like the Butterfly Fairy
Karin´s doll
I love to watch butterflies, they look so different each.
Dorothea´s doll
I love to leap for butterflies
Evelyn´s doll
If I´d put on my magic hat, all the butterflies would fly to me and sit on my toes

After a summer break, I will continue with doll making classes in September.

Next stop will be Newton Abbot (Devon), UK, 8th-9th September

I am very excited about the upcoming class in Devon, my lovely host will be Debbie from Little Oke Dolls. We have been discussing this for quite a while and finally we found a date for you (and us). The class fee is 270€ (about 215£) and incl. all material and refreshments. Debbie has also been discussing a nice rate with a hotel nearby for you to stay at.

 It will be my first class in the UK and Debbie and I are very much looking forward to meeting you in Newton Abbot! I will make sure to bring my tramping boots for Dartmoor and will leave enough space in my suitcase for fleamarket treasures from Devon ;-)

The number of participants is limited to a number of ten, there are only a few seats left. If you´d be interested, please have a look here and drop me a line at, subject Newton Abbot.



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