Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Webshop Update(s)

These three Kiki in the Meadow dolls went into the webshop today. 
In the blink of an eye, all three girls had found a new home. 
They all went that quickly, that I didn´t even manage to write a short note on the blog that something was waiting for you on the virtual shelves. 
However, I´d love to share at least a few photos with you (before I am off sewing again)
Each of the dolls came with a little extra.
A vintage tea cup and a tea bag
A hammock for summery days
A basket with wood strawberries

Each Kiki travels with a warm scarf, crocheted shoes, undies and leggings and a dress/ blouse & skirt together with a tote bag with lavender sachet and care & sewing kit.

I so much love all these details. Even though the overall look of Kiki in the Meadow dolls is the same and part of a small scale doll series, each of the girls is unique and comes with her very own story. 
I am very happy that they have found each a new home, and knowing that there are children who are eagerly awaiting their arrival, makes me smile. 
A lot.