Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Quick Fix Postcards

Dear reader,

I could sleep in standing position at the moment. A lot of work to do, umpteen emails to reply to, a class to be prepared (and yes, also strawberries to be picked, there are still a lot of them growing). 

I don´t want to complain, I love what I am doing. But with so much on the daily to-do list, I tend to have a memory like a sieve and sometimes even forget some really important stuff.  Like getting new business cards printed, for example. Or post cards. Especially when I am travelling a lot and have to get packages on the way to customers halfway between home and travel destination, I sometimes have to improvise:
This time I printed my company logo on cards and used fabric scraps for a mini bunting. I used glue to keep the bunting in place and then a straight stitch, it took a few seconds only. A super easy and a lovely looking quick-fix for postcards.

I often notice that quite a few crafters put a lot of effort and money into wrapping paper, business cards, tags and stamps before they even started to open their webshop. Some of them won´t even start with their business without all that stationary, because they don´t feel ready for the public or not professional enough. While it is of course always nice to have printed post cards and tissue paper with a personal logo, it is your product that should come first, in my case it is my dolls that should get most of the focus. It is far more important (at least it is for me) to invest in a good sewing machine that meets your needs as a seamstress, to invest in a functional work space and tools that make it easier for you to work.
Rather than cutting costs for high-quality doll making supplies or a good sewing machine, camera or dress making scissors, I use vintage buttons and secondhand fabrics for the garments and re-use material for packaging, wrapping and for stationery. Cut selvedge works wonderfully instead of gift ribbon, a paper punch and a vintage children book with colourful illustrations makes pretty tags, a piece of vintage fabric looks lovely as a gift wrapping. Your work will be much more personal with such details - and I am sure your customers will love it!

Off to pack my suitcase and finish the last stitches on two Get well soon! play sets (next week in the webshop). 

Have a sunny day!