Thursday, 28 June 2012

There is nothing like a hammock!

There is nothing like a hammock,
Kiki says while swinging back and forth
In the afternoon sun under the pear tree

Lucky you, I reply. 
I have been spending all day at school
While you did nothing at all
Pish-posh, says Kiki.
Or would you say that 
Counting strawberries is no maths?

And would you say that
Watching cloud pictures
Is no art lesson?
I want to reply something smart
But Kiki wiggles her ears
And eats another strawberry

Did you know, she then says,
That a bee needs to visit four million flowers
to fill three jars with honey?
Pish-posh, I say.

And then we listen to the flip-flip-flip of butterfly wings.
To the grasses. 
To the summery breeze.
To the bees. 

There is nothing like a hammock, I say.

Would you like to make your own hammock for your Kiki in the Meadow doll? 
Tomorrow I´ll share a little tutorial with you, so stay tuned...

Until then, enjoy summer!