Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Keeping an Eye on Kiki´s Kettle...

Today I woke up
Quite early in the morning
By the pheasant´s 
Time to get up! Rrrack-rrrack!
And when I looked out the window
I could see that Kiki in the Meadow
Was awake already
First she wiggled with her toes
And I could see how she
Put on her soft blowball scarf
(It can be quite chilly that early in the meadow)
She went over to the wood pile to put on
The shiny copper kettle
I could hear her say
Time for a catlick!
She thoroughly scrubbed her face
Until her cheeks
Were as read as the morning sun
(Of course she did not forget to scrub her feet as well)
Right after that Kiki took
A stroll through the meadow
Behind grandfather´s house
Through high grass and goatweed and thyme
She picked fresh menthe 
And filled her little basket
(while the copper kettle
kept the water warm)
Before I went off for school
I saw Kiki happily sitting
With her cup of morning tea
In the meadow

I was a little late at school today and told Mrs Teacher that I had to watch Kiki´s copper kettle but she did not believe me. But guess what could have happened if no one would have kept an eye on it!


Kiki in the Meadow is a cloth doll I designed especially for a doll making tutorial series in Handmade Living last year. An e-book with all instructions and patterns is coming soon, stay tuned...