Friday, 29 June 2012

DIY - Kiki´s Hammock

Dear readers, 

yesterday I have promised you a little tutorial on Kiki´s hammock.

You can adjust the size easily - I am sure not only Kiki but any doll would enjoy 
spending a lazy sunny afternoon in a hammock under the pear tree. 
You will need:

two pieces of fabric, 45cm x 22cm each
(I used a sturdy cotton fabric - awning cloth, linen or canvas works fine)
two wooden sticks, each 20cm long
(I used an old bamboo stick that I usually use for plants in the garden, 
chopsticks or old wooden knitting needles work perfectly well)
two ribbons, each 110cm long
optional: two wooden beads

(this pattern includes 1cm seam allowance)
 Step 1 
pin both pieces of fabric with the right sides together
sew seams along the edge (straight stitch) 
leave a 5cm opening on one of the long sides

Step 2
cut corners close to the seam
Step 3
turn to the right and iron flat
close opening with a few stitches
sew along the long sides of the piece as shown

Step 4
sew the ribbon 2cm from the edge on each of the short sides of the piece
 Step 5
pin and sew the short sides of the piece as shown
(make sure the opening is large enough if you use a thicker wooden stick 
and adjust the size of the loop, if necessary)

Step 6
with the wooden stick inside the loop,
close opening with a few stitches
Step 7
Make a knot (check length of both ends of the ribbon so that the knot is centred)

Step 8
addional: pull both ends of the ribbon through a wooden bead

Find a sunny spot for Kiki´s hammock, some (fabric) strawberries,  a tiny newspaper and a soft little cushion. I was lucky to find the tiny serving plate at the thrift store the other day - keep your eyes open for such treasures the next time you are visiting a flea market!
DIY quick fix (if you or your child can´t sew)
You will need only one rectangle instead of two. Use a piece of oil cloth or another sturdy non-fraying fabric or cut the edges of the fabric with pinking scissors. Skip steps 1-4 and continue with step 5. Use staples instead of sewing the loop. Slide through both wooden stick and ribbon. Skip step 6 and continue with step 7-8. Done!

© Copyright by Fröken Skicklig, all rights reserved.  All texts and images are the sole property of Fröken Skicklig. This tutorial is for personal use only, any reproduction for the sole intent of sale and distribution is strictly prohibited. Thank you.