Monday, 7 May 2012


I would love to spend these days, lying in the high grass,
under the plum tree, watching the bumblebees...
Marie´s custom doll
The bumblebees have to wait for me and so has the high grass. 

Luckily the schedule of Spring doesn´t care about unfinished doll dresses, unsorted photos, custom orders, paper work, unwritten blogposts and such.
The grass is growing despite all that.
And it is lovely to catch such a glimpse of one of my dolls lying under the plum tree, daydreaming.

See you soon


Additional note: I have been asked about the hair colour of this custom doll. I have used DollyMo mohair yarn light brown which can be found here or here. Due to the morning sun during the photo session it looks a bit more red than it actually is, but it is a warm brown with a slightly red nuance. Absolutely one of my favourites.