Monday, 9 April 2012

Violet Secrets

The other day I came home 
With the nicest bouquet of violets
Found in the meadow

I rinsed them gently
Removed the stems
And let them dry
Then I started to boil
Water and sugar 
To get a light syrup

The sugar needs to
dissolve completely
Then I added some rose water
I allowed the syrup cool a bit
And gently added
The violets I had gathered

I kept them in the syrup until the next day
Then I gently heated the saucepan
 Until the syrup was warm enough

Then I took each single violet
And placed it on waxed baking paper to dry
(it took a day or so)
I still have a few of the violets
That I gathered and candied last year
I use them for cakes and for ice cream

But especially I use them as a wee reminder
That those spring days full of sweet flower scents
Are always over too quickly

(Lucky me who can store a bit of those spring days in a jar throughout the year)


Enjoy your walk across the meadows and fields!