Monday, 26 March 2012

Results from the Doll Making Class in Seeshaupt

Dear readers, 

I had another doll making class this weekend, my students and I spent a great time in Seeshaupt/ Bavaria.

 Two busy days, never idle hands, au contraire! Each of my students made a 45cm/ 18 inches cloth doll, two of them made baby dolls.

(I´ve asked each of my students to write down a few lines for you to introduce their new dolls)

Enjoy the photos!
Kerstin´s doll
Françoise´s doll
Ramona´s baby boy doll
Andrea´s doll
Maria´s doll
Maxi´s baby boy doll
 Sandra´s doll
Steffi´s doll
Manuela´s doll
Cornelia´s doll

Can you imagine how much fun we´ve had? 
(And blisters on our fingers? ;-)
 Thank you so much, Andrea, Cornelia, Françoise, Kerstin, Manuela, Maria, Maxi, Ramona, Sandra and Steffi! It was a very special and sunny weekend with wonderful results - and I hope to see you all again soon...

Thank you, dearest Nina, for welcoming us so warmly in Seeshaupt!

I am looking forward to more classes in the coming months, I so much enjoy to teach, to meet new students, to see well-known faces from earlier classes again, to get to know all those lovely people that my e-class students send to me from far, far away... 

It is a true gift for me to help people to make a doll for themselves or their children. Quite a few of them have never made a doll before. Today the students and I have been talking about a class for mothers and their daughters only, about a crafty weekend for you to bring your kids and to make a doll. Maybe Kiki in the Meadow is up for such a family class? I will have to give it some thought, we´ll see, we´ll see ;-)  
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Warm greetings,