Monday, 19 March 2012

Results from the Doll Making Class in Freiburg

Dear readers,

I spent a fantastic weekend in Freiburg together with seven inspiring women (and wonderful hosts). During two days, each of my students made a 45cm cloth doll based on my patterns and instructions. It is amazing to see all the dolls after such a weekend course, their sweet little smiles made us all forget about blisters, broken needles and tired eyes...

Enjoy the photos from the doll making class!

I spent a wonderful weekend in Freiburg, together with seven crafty women. All of us enjoyed the warm atmosphere and each other´s company, the laughter, the sun, the delicious food, inspiring talks and the many hours of sewing, crocheting, stuffing and embroidering. 

I´d like to thank all of you - Bärbel, Claudia, Kathrin and Kerstin, Sabine, Steffi and Stephanie - for these two days. 

Last but not least I´d like to thank my dear friend and colleague Ursula and her family 
for being such wonderful hosts, I enjoyed it so much to spend time with you!

Sunny greetings,


P.S. New classes are coming soon (have a look at the class calendar in the sidebar)

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