Saturday, 17 March 2012

I love to teach

This weekend I am in Freiburg, in the south or Germany, teaching a weekend class in doll making.

When I started with my very first course in autumn 2009, I wouldn´t have guessed that it is so much fun to have classes. Believe me, it is intense too. I do rounds all the time, and while my hands are helping with a few stitches here, my eyes are already somewhere else and I certainly know what I have done after such a weekend. 
One of the doll heads made by my students today.

Today, after eight hours, we had managed to stuff the presewn legs and to finish the head (without the details such as eye and mouth and ears, notabene). Eight hours! Not that I am concerned, everything is exactly according to schedule. But every time I have a class, I am so proud of my students. They all work so hard, they are eager to learn something new and they do not complain when I let them undo a seam and make them redo a step until it looks really neat and nice.

I love to teach because I think it is one of the most wonderful ways to meet new people. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to share my knowledge, to laugh, to sew, to discuss, to get to know inspiring women. I love to teach them craftsmanship and I truly enjoy that my students always have so many ideas, that they fill the room with airy merriment and happy chatter.

I love to teach.