Monday, 23 January 2012

Kiki in the Meadow (shop update)

Early in the morning 
When the robin sings 
And the squirrel climbs 
Up the old beech tree 

Kiki opens her eyes 
Moves her toes 
And wiggles her ears 
(left one first, always) 
Then she makes herself
A cup of cocoa
Snuggles under the blanket
And counts snowflakes

After she has had  
A cup of cocoa 
Kiki puts on 
A warm woolen cape
She walks down the path 
Across the snowy meadow 
To fill the wicker basket  
With firewood and pine cones   

And soon you can see 
Three little clouds of smoke 
Dancing above the chimney 
Of Kiki´s tiny cottage

Two Kiki in the Meadow dolls for the webshop.

Each of them is 34cm/ 13.5" tall, stuffed with organic wool, made with cotton interlock and woolfelt (wig). They come with the clothes as shown, in a tote bag, together with a lavender sachet and a little first aid box (with extra beads for the eyes, sewing thread, embroidery floss, a beeswax crayon and a soft cloth for rosy cheeks.

I have been asked whether Kiki in the Meadow would be the same as the one I shared for a doll making series in Handmade Living magazine some time ago. While the overall appearance is still the same, Kiki in the Meadow dolls made for sale have a slightly modified (= more advanced) body pattern. Except from the wee neck seam, all other seams are machine sewn, including the attachment of the limbs, the feet have a sole. Each doll has with a wee tag sewn on to prove that it has been made by me.

Both dolls can be found here.

Have a warm and cozy evening!

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